Psychotherapy is a process of identifying and removing obstacles that get in the way of happiness and is a method for learning to become more satisfied with yourself, for improving coping with the stresses of life, and for reducing specific emotional symptoms that interfere with overall well-being and functioning. There are many approaches and methods used in psychotherapy.

I work together with you to create an individualized treatment plan whether you are suffering from psychiatric illness, interpersonal conflict or difficult life transitions. My treatment options include evidence-based psychiatric medication, when indicated, and psychotherapy, particularly cognitive-behavioral therapy and interpersonal therapy, tailored to the individual. My disclaimer is that no medication will make all the symptoms go away and I focus on the importance of examining each individual with their own unique history, environment, relationships, genetics, coping skills, diet and sleep patterns. I help people focus on their strengths to help build confidence in various areas within their lives. And I value the therapeutic relationship, which has been shown to be one of the strongest predictors of positive mental health outcomes.